Energy Transition Pillars - 2022 Progress Report

Date: November 2022

Prepared by: WR Community Energy

Our second four-year term will focus on how to be intentional with our actions. We offer a vision of three overlapping Energy Transition Pillars: Policy, Markets, and Infrastructure. If leaders from these pillars collaborate, our community will be able to take advantage of the many energy transition opportunities.

Building Our Energy Future - Term 1 Report

Date: November 2021

Prepared by: WR Community Energy

As Waterloo Region shifts towards a clean, equitable, and sustainable community, we are presented with many opportunities to improve our relationship with energy.  We need to use it more efficiently, generate more locally with clean technologies, and make sure this transition benefits everybody.

Our Term 1 Report (2019-2021) highlights the accomplishments of WR Community Energy and our partners and outlines how we can show leadership to take advantage of our energy opportunities to the benefit of our local economy, quality of life, and environment.

Community Energy Considerations for Municipal Climate Change Policy Development on New Buildings

Date: November 2021

Prepared by: Alex Benzie (University of Waterloo) and Matthew Day (WR Community Energy)

To reach our community greenhouse gas reduction targets, the Region of Waterloo is positioned lead by example, using Regional Official Plans (ROPs) to set a clear policy direction. In 2021, WR Community Energy was invited to provide comments on the Region of Waterloo’s Policy Direction Paper on Climate Change as a part of their ROP review. This report provides a summary of the key themes that emerged from three years of community energy work in Waterloo Region and interviews with industry leaders. It includes an overview of connections between the Community Energy Investment Strategy and the ROP.

Opportunities for Open Loop Geoexchange in Waterloo Region

Date: November 2021

Prepared by: Beatty Geothermal Consulting

Geothermal opportunities exist across Canada. Waterloo Region, however, is unique in its capacity for a more energy efficient and ecologically preferable type of geoexchange system called “Open Loop Geoexchange.” The purpose of this report is to bring forward existing knowledge on the subject and put it in context with similar technologies and our broader community.

Wastewater Heat Recovery in Waterloo Region

Date: June 2021

Prepared by: Klas Bockasten, KEB Engineering & Project Management

Over the course of a year, the temperature of our wastewater can range from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and presents an opportunity to reclaim that energy for use in our community. This report includes a preliminary investigation of the trunk sewer heat recovery opportunities based on data collected from City of Cambridge, City of Kitchener, and City of Waterloo.

Mapping Opportunities for Renewable Energy Development in Waterloo Region

Date: December 2020

Prepared by: Accelerating Implementation of Renewable Energy

In 2019, The Region of Waterloo and WR Community Energy partnered with the Accelerating Implementation of Renewable Energy (AIRE) team to map renewable energy opportunities from solar, wind and biomass, in Waterloo Region. The resulting report and maps from this two-year project were designed to help municipalities reach GHG emission reduction targets by identifying opportunities for local renewable energy projects and infrastructure.

Preparing for Our Energy Future - 2020 Progress Report

Date: November 2020

Prepared by: WR Community Energy

One year in to WR Community Energy, we reflected on the need for lasting and transformative solutions to our energy challenges through deep and sustained investment in a smart energy future. This progress report highlights our engagement with partners, research undertaken to better understand energy generation opportunities for Waterloo Region and charts next steps.

Community Energy Investment Strategy

Date: February 2018

Prepared by: Region of Waterloo, Kitchener Utilities, Union Gas, City of Cambridge, City of Kitchener, City of Waterloo, Energy +, Kitchener Wilmot Hydro and Waterloo North Hydro

Most of Waterloo Region’s greenhouse gas emissions come from local energy consumption. In order to meaningfully address our energy challenges, needs and opportunities nine local organizations, including municipalities and utilities, developed the Community Energy Investment Strategy (CEIS) to improve and sustain Waterloo Region’s economic competitiveness and quality of life through the coordination of targeted energy investments. The CEIS recommended the creation of WR Community Energy and the strategy remains the north star for our organization.