About Us

Community Collaboration for energy transition

WR Community Energy is a collaborative initiative between the Region of Waterloo, its urban municipalities and local utilities created to lead the implementation of Waterloo Region’s Community Energy Investment Strategy and to steward energy transition in our community.

Our Governance Committee, Working Groups and staff initiate and support projects to improve and sustain Waterloo Region’s economic competitiveness and quality of life through the coordination of targeted energy investments in our Priority Areas – Buildings, Energy Generation and Energy Literacy

WR Community Energy is a collaboration that takes us beyond the limits of the services that individual partners can provide.

OUR services

Energy TRend Exploration

We engage and fund qualified consultants to conduct relevant research into the viability of energy investments in Waterloo Region and to communicate their findings.


We support municipalities with strategic advice to integrate energy considerations into all aspects of municipal processes including planning review, policy development, corporate assets and infrastructure.

development planning support

We provide strategic advice at the early stages of industrial, multi-unit residential and commercial development planning to increase energy efficiency, optimize on-site energy generation and more.


We promote a broader understanding of what constitutes energy infrastructure (ex. wastewater systems) and provides strategic advice on energy opportunities for utilities and municipalities.


We connect with community and professional groups to develop partnerships, deliver presentations and provide strategic advice on energy topics.


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Rod Regier
Commissioner of Planning, Development and Legislative Services
Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Rene W. Gatien
Enova Power Corp.

Joel Cotter
Director of Planning & City Planner
City of Waterloo

Murray Costello
Director Southeast Region Operations
Enbridge Gas Inc.

Justin Readman
General Manager, Development Services
City of Kitchener

Greg St. Louis
Director - Utilities gas and water division
Kitchener Utilities

Jerry Van Ooteghem
Enova Power Corp.

Ian Miles
President & Chief Executive Officer
GrandBridge Energy

Hardy Bromberg
Deputy City Manager Community Development
City of Cambridge

Team & STructure

Leaders from each of our partner organizations make up the Governance Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis to direct the work of WRCE staff, provide strategic advice, and enable projects and initiatives.

  • Rene Gatien (Chair), President & CEO,
    Waterloo North Hydro
  • Rod Reiger, Commissioner of Planning, Development and Legislative Services, Region of Waterloo
  • Hardy Bromberg, Deputy City Manager Community Development, City of Cambridge
  • Justin Readman, General Manager Development Services, City of Kitchener
  • Joel Cotter, Director Planning & City Planner,
    City of Waterloo
  • Murray Costello, Director Southeast Region Operations, Enbridge Gas Inc. 
  • Greg St. Louis, Director – Utilities Gas and Water Division, Kitchener Utilities
  • Ian Miles, President & CEO, GrandBridge Energy
  • Jerry Van Ootegham, President & CEO,
    Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro

WRCE staff takes directive from the Governance Committee, works on day-to-day operations, and facilitates and advances Working Group directives.

  • Matthew Day, Community Energy Program Manager,
    WR Community Energy

The Land Use & Development Working Group meets quarterly to leverage partnerships to increase energy considerations in land-use and development practices. 

  • Amanda Kutler, Manager, Development Planning, Region of Waterloo
  • Kathy Padgett, Senior Planner – Environment, City of Cambridge
  • Natalie Goss, Policy & Research Manager, City of Kitchener
  • Max Kerrigan, Senior Development Planner, City of Waterloo
  • Blair Hiesler, Supervisor, Construction, Enbridge Gas Inc.
  • Michele Kamphuis, Conservation Strategist, Kitchener Utilities
  • Umar Waqas, Director of Engineering Services,
    GrandBridge Energy
  • Shaun Wang, Systems Planning & Projects Engineer, 
    Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro
  • Allen Chan, Technical Supervisor, Underground and Services, Waterloo North Hydro

The Communications & Literacy Working group meets quarterly to leverage partnerships for targeted outreach and to amplify energy literacy messaging.

  • Angela Olano, Communications & Community Engagement, 
    Region of Waterloo
  • Allison Jones, Supervisor, Communications, City of Cambridge
  • Shawn Falcao, Manager, Corporate Communications, 
    City of Kitchener
  • Tony Iavarone, Director, Communications, City of Waterloo
  • Brian Lennie, Sr. Advisor, Municipal Affairs & Stakeholder Relations, Enbridge Gas Inc.
  • Carolyn Suter, Advisor, Municipal Energy Solutions, 
    Enbridge Gas Inc.
  • Michele Kamphuis, Conservation Strategist, Kitchener Utilities
  • Sheri Ojero, Manager, Corporate Communications, GrandBridge Energy
  • Kelly McMath, Communications Specialist, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro
  • Kiel Edge, Corporate Communications Specialist, 
    Waterloo North Hydro

WR Community Energy plays a facilitation role with this Working Group as needed to move priority projects forward.

The current Priority Projects Working Group is developing a Community Energy Financing program. The work is being led by Reep Green Solutions and the Region of Waterloo.

Expected to start in 2023, and will focus on how the 8 partners in WRCE can be leaders in the community through the early adoption of
energy transition principles.

Collaboration is at the core of WR Community Energy’s work. We engage with a variety of partners on energy projects.

Organizational Chart: This chart illustrates the connection between
WR Community Energy’s Governance Committee, Staff, Working Groups and External Partners & Collaborators.