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The path to our new energy future is directed by the strategic oversight of high-level representatives from the Region of Waterloo, its 3 urban municipalities and 5 local electric and gas utilities . The innovative Governance Committee for WR Community Energy is a collaboration that takes us beyond the limits of the services that individual partners can provide.

We meet 5 times a year and are managed by a dedicated staff person.

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Discover our new energy opportunities

If you’re a developer…

Check out the Pathfinder tool. Enter our climate zone (6) plus your building type. This tool will show you just how feasible and affordable deep energy efficiency is. Or contact us to get in touch with groups like Grand River Energy to make energy generation affordable with an immediate payback.

If you’re a current or future homeowner or property investor…

Consider the long-term costs of your home – especially from an energy point-of-view. How will energy affect your condo and utility fees? What about extra insulation and triple pane windows making your home quieter and more comfortable – especially relevant as our communities are densifying and we’re living closer to our neighbours.

For existing homeowners, check out Reep Green Solutions.
For prospective home owners, check out these resources from the National Resources Canada

If you’re a policy maker…

Stay tuned to city councils. Community Energy issues have been featured topics with more coming down the pipe. Think about these projects as a part of our legacy to future generations and the spin-off benefits to health, economic development, and our identity as a forward-thinking smart community.

Download our 2020 Progress Report and stay tuned to city councils ….

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