Energy Generation

Enhancing local energy generation and security

Our Energy Generation Focus

Optimize Local Resource Use
Our team is well-positioned to lead inclusive conversations and actions around local energy generation and security. By keeping long-term energy management considerations at the forefront, WR Community Energy promotes the value of energy-first planning in the community as an investment for the future.

Assess and Support Opportunities
We use an integrated community energy approach that is a significant departure from traditional energy planning approaches. Over the past 30 years or so, Ontario’s energy landscape has decentralized. We hope to develop distributed and integrated energy systems for every house, farm, and vehicle that is capable of producing and storing energy.

Investigate Energy Storage
We explore various technological and scenario-based energy storage options and support their use wherever feasible.

The best way to mitigate GHGs is by using clean, decarbonized energy—and this is becoming more affordable. After decades of global energy investments, renewable energy is now about as economical as traditional fossil fuels per kilowatt hour (kWh ).

Energy in Action

Encouraging New Green Building Technology

Grand River Energy is steering a project that will make a transformer station in Waterloo the first in Canada to use a new green technology called ‘geo-piles’. It combines geothermal heating and cooling with the steel piles that are commonly used in many building foundations.

Capturing wasted heat

The BioEn R&D Facility in Elmira is a Waterloo Region solution to a global problem. Currently, this facility generates 3MW of renewable electricity from organic waste. When the facility transitions to renewable natural gas production in the next few years, it will save close to 16,000 tonnes of GHG emission / year.

Our Projects

District Energy

The United Nations calls District Energy our secret weapon to tackling climate change. It’s also good for our local economy. After reviewing 12 sites across Waterloo Region, a working group was established to oversee a District Energy pre-feasibility study in Kitchener’s Innovation District. Building on those results the City of Kitchener is now on the case and exploring the project in more detail. It’s a rare opportunity to plan for what is essentially a whole new downtown. Let’s power it by local sustainable energy. You can read more about it here

Ground Mount Solar Mapping

Partnering with Quest Canada and the Region of Waterloo, we mapped ground mount solar opportunities in Waterloo Region. We called the project, “Accelerating Implementation of Renewable Energy” (AIRE). You can click here to read the story map or here to see the map in more detail.

More to Come

We’re continuing to map our energy potential in Waterloo Region. We’ve got Wastewater Heat Recovery and Open-Loop Geo-Exchange Maps coming out shortly. Stay tuned!

Let’s change how we plan and invest in energy