Transitioning to a low-carbon local transportation network

Our Focus for Local Transportation

Increase Active Transportation and Transit
We aim to increase the region’s reliance on already active transportation and transit systems.

Promote Electrification of Local Transportation
We encourage the use of electricity as the fuel source for local transportation, both in terms of mass and individual transit. By planning and building infrastructure that supports the use of electricity in transportation, our community can adapt to a changing climate and do its part to prevent further damage with this new energy future.

Move to Clean Low-Carbon Fuels
We recognize the need to transition off fossil fuels. At its heart, climate change is a global energy problem — but this problem has local solutions. By using clean, decarbonized energy sourced locally, we can provide affordable, renewable energy solutions for transportation.

Low-Carbon, Local Transportation

Check out the Region of Waterloo’s Transportation Master Plan. Outlined is 5 strategies that will help boost low-carbon local transportation options.

Waterloo Region is always looking for ways to boost active and low carbon transportation. Have your say on Bike Sharing and e-Scooters pilot projects.

Our Projects

Charge WR

ChargeWR helps to promote electric vehicle adoption and EV Charging station installation in workplaces across Waterloo Region. This happens through collaborative efforts across the private, public, and institutional sectors as well as through publicity and engagement opportunities.

Let’s move forward with clean transportation