District Energy in the City of Kitchener

WR Community Energy’s first initiative was identifying potential district energy sites in Waterloo Region. We looked at 12 sites across the community that met three criteria: mixed use developments, over 100,000m2 in heated space and to be built within 10 years.

Due to its density, demand on existing energy infrastructure, capacity for renewable energy, and the site’s relationship with WR Community Energy partner City of Kitchener, downtown Kitchener was selected for a pre-feasibility study.

The results of the study showed how a district energy system could reduce GHG emissions by 5,000 tonnes a year with a financial payback of 6%. The City of Kitchener, with Kitchener Utilities, is now on the case and exploring the project in more detail. More information about the project and the feasibility study can be found in this City of Kitchener staff report to the Planning & Strategic Initiatives Committee from September 28, 2020.

The ION Light Rail drive by high rise buildings in Downtonw Kitchener, In the froreground are banners reading "welcome to Downtown kitchener" and "have an awesome day.