Waterloo Region’s Clean Economy Ecosystem

WR Community Energy, in partnership with Sustainable Waterloo Region, the Region of Waterloo and WaterlooEDC have launched a map of Waterloo Region’s Clean Economy Ecosystem featuring over 125 companies, research labs and community groups contributing to the clean economy in our community and beyond.

“WR Community Energy is a partnership between municipalities and utilities to manage the energy transition in Waterloo Region. The organizations on the Clean Economy Cluster Map will play a vital role in shaping this transition. These are the technologies and solutions that will determine how and how fast we move forward.”
– Matthew Day, Community Energy Program Manager, WR Community Energy.

Learn more about the importance of the Map to the Waterloo Region in this news release from the Region of Waterloo. 

Cheyenne Bholla of The Waterloo Region Record spoke with Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region, about the Map which you can also view on the Sustainable Waterloo Region website